A Background Music Curation Service

Boomnote For Business is a curated background music service to elevate your brick & mortar experience.

Providing 24/7 seamless programming with zero dead-air, your clientele will identify with your brand by the distinctive sounds we provide.

Whether it be Restaurants, Hotels, Retail, Cafes, Bars/Lounges, Gyms or Spas, we will dial-in the perfect ambiance to fit your business.

The Curators

Our team consists of musically knowledgeable, award-winning Producers, Composers, Music Supervisors & DJ’s – which is the pivotal difference in setting the perfect atmosphere for your clientele.

Never relying on computer-generated algorithms, we personally curate all your playlists using our decades of experience and taste that will align with your brand.

Play music legally. We use a Spotify-driven technology to obtain all the necessary rights to stream anywhere you choose.

Your establishment can no longer be harassed by collection societies (ASCAP, BMI, Music Publishers & Record Labels), demanding fees to obtain public performance licenses.

You will not be liable for any copyright infringement. Our team will handle everything, so you can be rest assured that all necessary public performance rights have been taken care of.

Notable Clients

Nobu Restaurants

Caesars Palace

Notable Clients



How It Works

We will ship you an easy plug & play, user-friendly, audio player containing a power adapter, 1/8″ jack & ethernet cable – hard-wired in to ensure connectivity.

An iOS/Android Remote app will allow you to play/pause, change volume, display or share the current song.

Or you can run our system via Wi-Fi with your iPod, iPad or Tablet and instantly connect into our backend system to stream our carefully-crafted playlists remotely.


We here at Boomnote are extremely responsive to any questions or concerns you may have.  Whether it be creative or technological, we’re here for you.

Let’s Get Started

Contact us for an initial consultation, to establish your business needs, brand identity & a suitable plan.